Welcome to my new blog


Hello guys! I am Dimlau, perhaps you know me as the owner of “dimlau.com” before. But I am here - kaix.in - now, and won’t go back.

I really know that my English is very very bad, but it doesn’t prevent me to continue blogging in English. If I don’t use it, I will never get a good command of it.

Well, It must be hard learning English approaching 30 years old. Sometimes I thought if it’s necessary to me to learn English now, maybe not, but there is no harm to learn more!

Of cause I will also use chinese to post some entry entries because I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe all the things in my life. In the previous entry I had said that: “I will write blogs as many as I can use English. If this boring you, Please feel free to unsubscribe my blog.”

Yes, that’s it, but I really hope you can help me improve my English. For example you can comment to my entries and correct the wrong word or grammar. Thanks very much! I’ll be grateful to you for doing that.


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